30A Vacation Rental Projection Calculator

Have a property in another location? We have you covered!

Tips: How to Use the Calculator

  • Occupancy Count Trick: Multiply the Bedrooms x 2 then add 2-4 (Bunk Rooms)

  • Use the Scale Cheat Sheet to input numbers

How does this calculate my income?

The Calculator is heavily influenced by the location of your property. It takes this and weights it with the additional feature inputs to give you an accurate calculation. So make sure you are using the correct calculator for your area(i.e. 30A vs. Destin). See top or bottom of page for different projection areas. We are always adding new areas to be as property specific as possible.

What if my projection is off?

  1. Make sure you have selected Condo / Home for your property

  2. Make sure to check our Rating Scale Cheat Sheet to align your property's quality score.

How often is this updated?

We update our projection calculator each month with new data to keep you in the know on your property's potential.


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